The Rellon Supremacy - Epic Weapons

n the early days of Histeria, Epic weapons could be attained via the defeat of any one of many great creatures.  Though each of the beasts that safeguarded these mighty weapons were - and remain - amongst the most powerful beings in the land, some issues arose in the simplicity of the item drops.

All Epic weapons are not only Plot, but undroppable.  Each of these weapons are Keen and bear an enhancement bonus of +9, amongst other attributes (as you can see from the screenshots below).

An Epic quest is in place for each and every one of the weapons.  While the initial parts of the Epic quests are quite similar to the quest for other weapons, the final step will vary.  At the edges of Histeria there are five different creatures - five chosen ones - that hold the key that will unlock the door to the finalization of your quest.Detailed information in regards to the acquisition of Epic weapons can be found in the Epic Weapon Quest.

Depending on the weapon that you desire, you must identify, locate, and destroy the corresponding creature.  Each of these five creatures possesses a Relic that will open the door to one of seven weapons.  Once the proper Relic is obtained, you may choose from the list of seven available Epic weapons.  Identifying which Relic suits your needs is a simple step (you may learn such things by speaking with the Arch Paladin), but it is one that you'll want to properly identify ahead of time.

The Arch Paladin of the Shroud, a holy woman in Nollerburg, will aid you in your quest from start to finish.  When you have the appropriate items, she will speed you to the next portion of your quest.  Even before level 32 - the season in which your Epic quest may begin - she will provide information that you will find most helpful.

Nine of the weapons can be upgraded by performing an additional quest - while the trip itself is safe, the confrontation is great. Only those with the desire to carry a Lightsaber of Histeria can join in the battle. Click here for more information.

The list below identifies the names of each of the Histerian Epic weapons as well as the area in which the appropriate Relic might be obtained.  Be wary, however, for each of the five Epic weapon guardians are exceptionally powerful and will not be overtaken by a single adventurer.  Finding one or more travelers who seek the same Relic will prove to be very advantageous in this, your Epic weapon quest.

If you are among the fabled journeymen who have reached your fortieth season and also have obtained the legendary Armor of Nir, there is one great calling remaining for you: the Shadow Crypts of Interlochen. In order to prevail therein, it is imperative that you acquire Heaven's Weapons. Information on Heaven's Quest can be found here.


 Weapon  Name  Drop Area
 Bastard Sword*   Hurting One  Ruins of West High School
 Battleaxe  Disassociation  The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Club  Sloth  The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Dagger*  Reign of Tears  Bodley's Mansion
 Dire Mace  Doom's Harbinger  Ruins of West High School
 Double Axe  Ruin  The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Double Sword*  Passion  The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Dwarven Waraxe  Bedlam  Camilla Cemetery
 Greataxe  Balance  Camilla Cemetery
 Greatsword*  Calamity  Ruins of West High School
 Halberd  The Seeker  The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Heavy Crossbow  Touch of Shadow  The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Heavy Flail  Affinity  The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Kama  Dark End  Ruins of West High School
 Katana*  Travesty  Camilla Cemetery
 Kukri  Belief  Camilla Cemetery
 Light Crossbow  Timeless Struggle  The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Light Flail  Witness  The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Light Hammer  Catalyst  Bodley's Mansion
 Longbow  Epitome  Bodley's Mansion
 Longsword*  The Giver  The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Mace   Silent Reverie   The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Morningstar   Cataclysm   Ruins of West High School
 Quarterstaff   Distaste   Ruins of West High School
 Rapier*   Remembrance   Bodley's Mansion
 Scimitar*   Clamor   Camilla Cemetery
 Scythe   The Shepherd of Day   Bodley's Mansion
 Shortbow   The Broker   The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Short Sword*   The Prodigal  The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Sickle   Language of the Mad  Camilla Cemetery
 Sling   Shock   The Pass of the Lost Dragon
 Spear   Blessing   Bodley's Mansion
 Staff   Presence of Mind   Camilla Cemetery
 Warhammer   Offering   Bodley's Mansion
 Whip   Representation   Ruins of West High School
     *can be upgraded to lightsaber

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