The Rellon Supremacy

n a strange world west of the fabled Land of Ne, trouble is brewing in the land of Histeria.  Villagers are missing, children have gone mad, and a strange and eldritch silence settles over the abandoned roads and footpaths.

Legends of a stronghold upon the lands, known as 'the Rellon Supremacy,' are being heard once again in pubs and circles across the land.  A new power has been given birth, and it is making its way across the realm of Boardman, through the Seven Fall region, beyond the Pearl City, the lengthy woodland roads, the northern paths, ultimately delivering doom of all who live.

Your lingering dreams have brought you here ...

You find yourself awakened on a silent, sandy plane as the eerie calling of magic courses through your veins as it never has before.  You sense an unusual connection with this magic, and as you survey your surroundings you realize that this is a very different place.

Ahead of you, standing silently, is a young-looking dryad.  Instinct tells you to approach her cautiously ...

Perhaps the first innate whisper that you recognize is three words that seem new to you; however, though you know nothing of such a thing, you immediately realize and understand that these are the same three words that have plagued your thoughts and your dreams for as long as you can remember.  The chilling, resonant echo of fear enters your mind: The Rellon Supremacy.

Answers lie ahead, you convince yourself.  Again, you recognize that you are new to this place - this unusual realm.  Taking a deep breath, you proceed forward and speak with the dryad before you.

Without a word, you instantly identify this fey as the creature called Eternity, the protector of time and essence in the realm.  Not a peep is spoken as you converse with the stunningly beautiful creature.  She is fully able to answer all of your questions, though many of them she opts to leave unanswered as she knows that you are not the only individual to traverse this realm.  Indeed, you have been here before, and though you wonder whether you are dreaming or perhaps even dead, you know just one thing for certain - you must press forward.  Answers you will find, and others will aid you in your quest and the journey that lies before you; after all, this quest is theirs to complete as well.

Only when you have become fully able to comprehend and understand the mysteries of this Rellon Supremacy will you again find your rest - or your native home upon the world from which you came.

Portals, Remembrance Stones, and nexuses await you, and many rules to which you have been bound in your previous realms will no longer apply.  The roads will be dangerous, the missions perilous, and the answers oftentimes redundant and unfulfilling.  You have no choice, of course, but to tread on, and the true answers will only become apparent to you as you speak with the inhabitants of this land and follow through with the suggestions that they present.

The companions whose aid you will adopt will be monumental in your journeys, for your quests will not be feasible without their help.  There will be those who hunt other adventurers in their own accord, friends and foes, dragons, and powerful holders of secrets that will refuse to aid you in your struggle.  Many answers will only be available when these keepers are destroyed.

Rest and peace may return to you when the cause of this decay is eradicated.  Until then, wisely choose your friends and acquaintances, and enjoy your stay upon the strange and twisted world called Histeria.

You'll encounter hills and plains, frozen wastes and scorching deserts, even sewers and dungeons and forbidden ethereal planes as you make your way into this 400+ area epic adventure that reads like a novel and twists when you least expect it.  Come join us!


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