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hile The Rellon Supremacy may be played without reading any content or, in essence, knowing what is going on plot-wise at all (which has been proven by a few players already), legitimate role players will enjoy a hardy plot with serious questing. Being a lifelong RPer myself, I have, as you will see should you choose to follow the storyline, placed much time and energy into the plot.  Along with this plot will come many quests. Again, as one may play on the server with no knowledge of the plot, only a portion of said quests are required in order to advance to level forty; however, in order for a player to make his way to the final struggles in Annals of the Darkness, many quest items must be obtained. Some of the quests are very simple and reward the adventurer almost instantly while others will occupy a spot in your mind every time that you discover a new place in the strange lands of Histeria.

The Rellon Supremacy Epic Weapon Quest

Plot Quests:

 Quest Name  Start Level  End Level  Party?  Product
 Water from the West  7  7  no  exp/item 
 Lost Housekeepers  7  9  no  exp
 A Missing Son*  7  10  no  item
 Circuitous Detox  7  20  yes  exp/gold
 The Glowing Stone*  10  35  no  exp/item
 Abner's Wish*  10  30  no  exp/item
 Sweet and Sour*  10  16  no  exp/item
 Nature's Trust  15  15  no  item
 Riddle in the Wood*  15  20  no  exp/item
 A Giant That Hates Tomatoes*  15  22  yes  exp/gold/item
 Search for David Rellon  15  35  yes  exp/item
 The Dusk Requiem*  15  40  yes  exp/gold/item
 A Shrubbery!  20  30  yes  exp/item
 The Lonesome Pearl*  20  none  no  item
 Understanding*  23  none  yes  item
 Bud of the Century*  25  none  no  item
 Refugee's Return  25  none  no  item
 A Much-Needed Laxative  20  30  no  exp/item
 Sweeter than Honey  20  20  no  exp/item
 Lost Shields of Urth  30  30  yes  item
 The Scabbard of Thempor  30   30  yes   item
 Aveness Seeds*  32  none  yes  item
 The Orb of Trelei ¥  32  32  no  item
 Breath of Semli*  35  none  yes  item
 Essence of the Fallen*  35  none  yes  item
 Sense of Enmity   30  38  yes  exp/item
 The Glowrods ¥  15  40  yes  items/exp
 The Dream  35  40  yes  item
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Non-Plot Quests:

 Quest Name  Start Level  End Level  Party?  Product
 Breanne's Shift Quest  7  none  no  alignment
 Lake Grig Wings  10  none  no  gold 
 Green and Spicy  10  none  no  gold
 Snake Eyes  12  none  no  gold
 Lassie, Come Home  15  25  yes  exp/gold
 Peace Frogs  17  none  no  gold
 Great Head  20  none  no   gold
 Better Head  22  none  no  gold
 Chocolate-Covered Raspberries  20  none  no  gold
 To Dust You Shall Return  23  none  no  gold
 Skull of the Dragon  30  none  no  gold
 Sharp and Pointy  35  none  yes  gold
 Undead Incisors  35  none  yes  gold
 Serious Head  35  none  yes  gold
 Chicken Wings  36  none  yes  gold
 Fallen Eyes  37  none  yes  gold
 Free Money!  none  none  no  gold
 The Baron's Favor  25  none  yes  alignment
 Possessed Wood  30  none  no  exp/gold
 The Ring of Disdain  35  none  yes  item
 Boots of the Nachtirn  30  none  no  item
 The Promise  35  none  yes  item
 A Blessing for Kenny  30  none  no  item
 Armor of Nir  30  none  yes  item
 Refugee's Reconciliation  35  none  yes  lightsaber
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Key Quests:

 Key  Start Level  End Level  Party?
 Ca'var Ruval Dungeon Key  16  16  no
 Abu Ghraib Key  23  23  no
 Inner Catacombs Key  25  25  yes
 Key to the Forbidden Grave  25  30  yes
 Tower of High Sorcery Key  30  30  no
 Demise's Gate Key  22  30  yes
 Key to Sorcerer's Keep   30  30  yes
 West High School Wing Keys   30  32  yes
 Gracie's Key  30  35  yes
 Key to Interlochen   30  35  yes
 Key to Rellon Manor  35  35  no
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Pearl City Unemployment Services

 Quest Name  Start Level  End Level  Party?  Product
 A Lost Direction  10  none  no  exp/gold
 A Starving Artist  20  none  no   exp/gold
 The Rabid Tiger  25  none  no   exp/gold
 Special Eggs  28  none  no   exp/gold
 Lionheart  33  none  no   exp/gold
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Levels - recommended level(s) for quest
Party? - whether party is necessary
Product - outcome of the quest
*recommended to do only once due to an undroppable item that will be received upon its completion (multi-questing excluded)
¥denotes a required quest for plot or character advancement

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