Rellon Supremacy - Guardians

he Guardians of Rellon

As you've learned from the literature portion of the site, the main plot quest line in the Rellon Supremacy revolves around eight different literature titles, each concealed in deep places and protected by powerful guardians. In order to make sense of the Dream you've found yourself in, you'll need to recover all eight books and find someone with the lore capabilities to interpret them for you.

1) Ca'var Ruval, Rellon Guardian of a Dream
2) Kerian Once-Peaceful, Rellon Guardian of Life
3) Revenant of Nathan O'Brien, Rellon Guardian of the Forgotten
4) Lord Tiesworthless, Rellon Guardian of Change
5) Dolga Mure'nem, Rellon Guardian of Lies
6) Demise, Rellon Guardian of Soul's Poison
7) Muszh, Rellon Guardian of the Lost
8) Prurience Concupiscence, Phantasmist of Faydwer

Ca'var Ruval (Dungeon of Ca'var Ruval - Sanctum)
CR 28 Barbarian (15) Blackguard (10), Chaotic Evil
Race: Dragon Weapon: Dragon Claw (Fire), Bite (Acid, OnHit Mordekainen's Disjunction)
AC 47 Attack Bonus +48

1500 HP
Drops: Kukri of DA, Scimitar of DA, Rapier of DA, Gold, Blood of Ca'var Ruval
Special Abilities: Aura of Dragon Fear, True Seeing, Dragon Breath (Fire), Improved Knockdown, Great Smiting III, Greater Rage
Immunities: Fire (100%), Acid, Magical
Vulnerabilities: Cold, Slashing, Positive Energy

Kerian Once-Peaceful (Upper Peninsula - Tahquamenon Falls)
CR 32 Undead(12) Monk(25), True Neutral
Race: Undead Weapon: Unarmed Strike (Divine, OnHit Slay Alignment Group: Neutral)
AC 53 Attack Bonus +47

1120 HP
Drops: Slippers of Tahquamenon, Accursed Shield of Kerian, Thread of Life, Robes of the Pained Unicorn, Winter Cairngorm
Special Abilities: Deathless Mastery, Drown, Aura of Stunning, Clowd of Bewilderment, Monk Speed, Gate
Immunities: Acid, Cold, Magical, Critical Hit, Sneak Attack, Disease, Death Magic, Poison, Divine
Vulnerabilities: Fire, Negative Energy, Bludgeoning

Nathan O'Brien

Revenant of Nathan O'Brien (Empire of the Sleeping Bear - Forbidden Grave)
CR 36 Fighter(35) Undead(20), Chaotic Evil
Race: Undead Weapon: Great Sword
Familiars: Horrors of the Sleeping Bear
AC 54 Attack Bonus +66

1530 HP
Drops: Blade of Unforgiveness, Scimitar of O'Brien, Sleeping Bear Agates, Robes of O'Brien
Special Abilities: Deathless Mastery, Harm Self (Undead), Mestil's Acid Sheath, Aura of Hellfire
Immunities: Cold, Electrical, Magical, Critical Hit, Sneak Attack, Disease, Death Magic, Poison, Paralysis, Mind-Affecting
Vulnerabilities: Fire, Divine, Bludgeoning


Lord Tiesworthless (Mayfield Public Library)
CR 42 Fighter(7) CoT(12) DD(24), Chaotic Neutral
Race: Dwarf Weapon: Great Sword
AC 62 Attack Bonus +63

1500 HP
Drops: Plate of Tiesworthless, Noc of Change, Mayfield Harvester, Dwarven Ale, Empty Ale Bottles
Special Abilities: Devastating Critical, Aura of Blinding, Defensive Stance, Improved Evasion
Immunities: Cold, Electrical
Vulnerabilities: Fire, Piercing, Divine


Dolga Mure'nem (Frozen Wastes of Kalkaska - Ruins of G's Pizzeria)
CR 45 Rogue(34) Shadowdancer(1), Chaotic Evil
Race: Undead Weapon: Dagger
AC 68 Attack Bonus +75
2000 HP
Drops: Vestments of the Dead, Boots of James of Nazareth, Rapier of Loss
Special Abilities: +13d6 Sneak Attack, Evasion, Creeping Doom, Mestil's Acid Sheath, Hell Inferno
Immunities: Acid, Negative Energy
Vulnerabilities: Fire, Divine


Demise (Detriegen's Peak - Lair of Demise)
CR 49 Monk(25) Rogue(10), Chaotic Evil
Race: Dragon Weapon: Unarmed Strike
AC 69 Attack Bonus +68
4000 HP
Drops: Blood of Demise, Soul's Poison, Lesser Axe of Detriegen, Violet Lazulis, Lesser Longbow of Detriegen
Special Abilities: Improved Stunning Fist VII, Aura of Dragon Fear, Improved Evasion, Shadowblend
Immunities: Acid, Electrical
Vulnerabilities: Fire, Magical


Muszh (West High School - Ruins - Grave of Muszh)
CR 52 Fighter(30) Wizard(30), Chaotic Evil
Race: Outsider Weapon: Great Sword
AC 71 Attack Bonus +76
4000 HP
Drops: Kukri of the Lost, Shadow and Flame,
Austin's Armor of Lost Lands, Greater Belt of Deceit, Violet Lazulis
Special Abilities: True Seeing, Devastating Critical, Improved Disarm, Auto Still Spell III, Greater Spell Penetration
Immunities: Acid, Negative Energy
Vulnerabilities: Divine, Electrical

Prurience Concupiscence (Mount Demadura - Phantasmist's Keep)
CR 58 Sorcerer(35) Monk(24) Paladin(1), Lawful Good
Race: Elf Weapon: Dual Kama (Electrical, Sonic)
Familiar: Roam

AC 77 Attack Bonus +90
8000 HP
Drops: Staff of the Churamah, Robe of the Azure Sky, Band of Iniquity, Kama of Theophilus
Special Abilities: Creeping Doom, Deflect Arrows, OnHit Prismatic Spray, Epic Spell Penetration, Diamond Body, Stunning Fist
Immunities: Creeping Doom, Acid, Magical, Disease
Vulnerabilities: Cold, Negative Energy, Piercing



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