elcome to Histeria.

Annals of the Darkness is a dedicated Neverwinter Nights server hosting the persistent world known as 'The Rellon Supremacy.'  As of May 28th, 2014, a dedicated server is no longer publicly hosted. Please note that as the Master Server is no longer available through Bioware, GameSpy will not locate the server.

Please feel free to move about the site and familiarize yourself with the story, the items, and the sort.  If you have additional questions, feel free to email the module developer at nightshade7@gmail.com.

The Rellon Supremacy requires NWN version 1.69, all expansions, and the CEP v2.1. For additional requirements and recommendations to play on the server, see the downloads section.

For you classic RPers, there are downloadable/printable maps of the realm of Histeria. Check 'em out. If you're one of us who fell in love with Neverwinter Nights back in 2002 or 2003 and it's time to play through again, give the Rellon Supremacy a chance. If you're looking for that classic adventure game play, this may be exactly what you're after. Contact the developer and he'll be happy to share the direct connection IPv4 details.

- Ben V.

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