The Rellon Supremacy - Eight Books

hough it will not be evident to you upon your initial incarnation into the land of Histeria, you will soon find that several pieces of literature that intricately detail aspects of the Rellon Supremacy are scattered throughout the world. From your information, there are eight books that must be located, each in a different area of the lands.  Certainly the possession of such books will prove themselves to be beneficial as you continue to uncover the secrets that they hold. The discovery and acquisition of these eight pieces of literature will be not only monumental to your quest, but crucial in your journeys if you wish to learn of the mysteries and of the reason of your incarnation upon Histeria and to later return home to your native realm.

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Prelude to a Dream

The first in the Rellon Supremacy series awaits you beyond a powerful red dragon who has made her home deep in a dungeon south of the Green Village of Nollerburg.  You must pass beyond Log Lake and the Staypuft Marshes in order to locate and confront her. There will be next to nothing in the written texts that you will be able to interpret, but the presence of the very book itself, as worn and tattered as it may be, commands attention.  You are overwhelmed with the desire to seek others like it. Now your quest truly begins ... ^top

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The Thread of Life

As you close your eyes and envision the location of the second piece of literature, you feel a chill touch your skin.  Far to the North, you feel, can be found that for which you are searching.  As you press Prelude to a Dream tightly to your chest, you feel the urge to head back to Nollerburg and head west of the VASA Trailhead. An enigmatic creature that rests quietly in the blustering cold holds the second book that you must seek.  The creature is alone, but it needs no help from other creatures. It has been waiting for you for a very long time - as long as it can remember.

Now it may have discovered its meaning and its purpose ... ^top

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Tales From the Crypt

Upon your discovery of The Thread of Life, almost instantly you feel compelled to return to the Trailhead and make your way to the East and down the other trail. You sense a touch of warmth bestowed from suns in the skies above as you make your way down the dark, lengthy road called Ani'wien's Path. Just as soon, however, as you have become comfortable in your thoughts of basking in the warmth, a cold devilry settles over you. Knowing that you must pass beyond a desert to find what you're looking for, you feel an eerie calling from the depths of the cold earth, reaching out from beneath the burning sands. You will again need the help of your friends if you are to discover Tales From the Crypt. A horrible revenant of a once-great hero awaits you deep in the chilling chasm, preparing to feast upon your fears. ^top

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The Wind of Change

The fourth piece of literature that you must seek may be discovered not far from a village of canines along the Ravan Road. A stout and powerful dwarf guards a secret that you must learn. Instinct tells you to look for a condemned building once a paragon of education, and when you have located it, to search deep inside.  Surely you will discover a strange and silent settlement. Death awaits you there, you sense, unless you go prepared, and alongside trusted friends. ^top

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The Secrets of the Dead

Though some time has passed since you've encountered a piece of Rellon Supremacy literature, now that you've become more powerful and your presence in Histeria has become known, you begin to hear the callings in your dreams once more. As you awake from a rest in the fields, you feel the urge to head back to the quaint little village near where you first found yourself.

Indeed, upon entering the village you realize that it is not the village itself you seek, but the strange area near the Western Wall. Search for a guide in that area to help you find your way.

The Secrets of the Dead is not far from where you find yourself when sent back to the frozen wastes of a once prosperous land, but it is a dangerous journey. Creatures with devastating critical capabilities and petrification touches await you along the frigid passes. Searching for an ancient, abandoned golf course, you see an underground lair in the distance. The horrible smell of old death lingers in the air ... ^top

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The Poison of the Soul

Now that The Secrets of the Dead is in your hands, seek the northern Pass beyond the Pearl City. The trip will be lengthy, though several opportunities await you along the way. Look for a turf house on the mountainside while you make your way through and speak to the great warrior who has made the cottage his home. Within you will find a Remembrance Stone and an Altar of Healing. When you are prepared, continue north.  The creatures will become stronger and more foul with each step.

A great warrior once fell in the undermountain lair that you must find, and the scaled beast that awaits you will tell you everything you must know ...

... just before it attacks you. ^top

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The Lost Lands

If you've managed to bring The Poison of the Soul into your possession, you will begin to feel a yearning to head to a forgotten realm, not far from Nollerburg but inaccessible to anyone. Along your way to the peak from which you obtained The Poison of the Soul you should have found a cavern with a prismatic dragon. Only by defeating this dragon and encountering its essence can the object that allows passage to the Lost Lands be obtained.

Beyond the Quiet Areas lies a cave - a cave which no man has entered.  Beyond the cave lies a bridge - a bridge that no man has ever crossed - guarded by an immortal that will allow passage only if his five - er, three questions can be answered correctly.  Failure to answer these questions will result in the banishment of the one who tries him.

Seek you the Bridge of Death.

If you have been successful, advance over the bridge and continue north into the dungeon that awaits you. The ruins of a school hold the secrets of the Lost Lands, as well as the seventh book that you must find. A once-dead and now reborn creature protects the literature.

Your journey is, it seems, almost at its end ... ^top

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The Last Hope

Powerful you are indeed if you possess the Rellon Supremacy book entitled The Lost Lands. You will now have but one piece of literature to find and then your collection is complete.

Heading back to the great city of Pearls and to the Fork to the north of it, you feel the urge to take the passage to the West.

Many miles of perilous roads and frozen rock await those who enter, but you have no choice. Make your way to the summit and approach the creature that resides within.  You will here discover not only the greatest source of information in regards to the Rellon Supremacy, but also one of the deadliest creatures in the lands of Histeria. Be prepared. ^top

Full interpretation of The Last Hope

Now that you've managed to recover all eight of the Rellon Supremacy books, gather your friends and prepare for a short journey. Not far east of Nollerburg you will encounter a creature (if you haven't already) that may make sense out of these ancient books you carry.

If he is successful, he will direct you to the final steps of your journey. A great confrontation awaits you ...

Will you be freed from this plane?  Or must you remain?  Only the strongest of adventurers will find out... ^top

Full Interpretations of the Rellon Supremacy Literature Series

An old man in a tree hollow just east of the Green Village is able to identify and interpret the ancient literature if you present it to him. Below are the in-game interpretations that he provides.

Book 1: Prelude to a Dream

"This book is entitled Prelude to a Dream. A powerful creature - the dragon you destroyed - was chosen to guard this first book. It is no more or less important than any other of the books of its kind. The first and foremost task for one wishing to expose the Rellon Supremacy is to have this book interpreted.

"It is indeed a prelude to a dream, as the realm of Histeria is simply an extraplanar realm. It does not exist in the physical sense. Either your mortal body has died, or you have dropped into a deep and unnatural sleep if you have found yourself in Histeria. Because this place is essentially no more than a nocturnal reverie, you can move from place to place in ways that you could not while upon your native plane.

"The Prelude to this Dream is simply a book that explains that your dream is about to become much more involved, and much more realistic. Now that you are aware that you are indeed dreaming, and that your friends and allies are likely no more than figments of your imagination, you must press forward and discover the other seven books.

"Of course, you must also keep in mind that you may be a figment of the imagination of one of your friends. Nonetheless, you must continue in your quest. Perhaps when the supremacy is exposed and the evil that created it is confronted you will be able to awaken from your unnatural sleep, or perhaps your spirit will be allowed to pass into the eternity to which it is destined." ^top

Book 2: The Thread of Life

"Now that you've come to the realization that you are a wanderer bound to your own unnatural dream, you can appreciate the fact that life itself does hang by no more than a thread. The evil that created the Rellon Supremacy wishes for your fears to overcome you so that you will simply give up and not move forward in your quest. Be not deceived; this evil fears your presence and your coming, for it requires your dream to continue if it wishes to survive.

"The only life, as I have mentioned, that the Evil knows is found in encompassing itself in your dream - in this unnatural sleep - and by controlling that dream. Its life is on a thread as much as is yours; however, you do have a measure of control that the Evil does not.

"If you are able to unmake the deceit that the Evil has made, you should be able to awake from this unnatural sleep, therefore destroying that Evil forever and allowing your soul to move on to whatever place it is headed." ^top

Book 3: Tales From the Crypt

"The Crypt of the Empire of the Sleeping Bear signifies hidden and forgotten memories created by the Evil that formed the Rellon Supremacy. There had it buried this book, hoping against hope that it could remain there forever. As you may have guessed by now, the Evil lacks the power to destroy or even truly conceal any of the eight Rellon Supremacy titles, as each of them breathe gifts of unveiling to the one who seeks the next title in the series.

"Again, the Evil's very existence is bound to the continuation of your dream. The Evil opted to seduce the curiosity of the great Shadowdancer of the East - Nathan O'Brien - and therefore was able to bind him to the eternal protection of its precious third title. Now that the Revenant has been destroyed, the book is out in the open again, and even now I can sense the fear that the Evil is harboring, along with the malice it has for you as it feels itself losing control of your dream." ^top

Book 4: The Wind of Change

"Lord Tiesworthless is one of the few remaining heirs of his age-old dwarven clan. Though his family, like most undermountain dwarves, have a propensity to overimbibe and cause pointless quarrels, know that they were not evil. The Evil identified him as a particularly strong soldier; thus, it hardened his heart and doomed him to guard the fourth book in the bowels of the library in Mayfield. As are the other protectors of the Rellon series, he is immortal and his spirit remains bound there.

"The Wind of Change represents another fear that the Evil holds for you. Now that you have advanced this far - halfway through your quest to uncover this supremacy - the tides of control are turning in your favor. A wind of change, so to speak, is a horrifying thought for the Evil, as it realizes that if it does not act appropriately, you will become too powerful for it to control. If you become capable of controlling your dream and creating choices for yourself, the Evil will eventually panic and will have to confront you before it is prepared." ^top

Book 5: The Secrets of the Dead

"The Wraith Guardian of Rellon was once a lovely woman named Dolga Mure'nem who was deceived by the Evil that created the Rellon Supremacy. The Evil presented itself as a wandering Ranger who appeared loving and caring toward the woman. As a young woman, this girl wanted nothing more than to be loved and cherished.

"The Evil beguiled the young girl, and through this treachery and over time her body was warped and twisted into what you fought in the ruins of the pizzeria. As more time passed, her body eventually died, and the horrifying curse of undeath was upon her. In this passing, she was fortunate enough to have all of the terrible memories erased. Even now, Dolga Mure'nem has respawned in the accursed deli, awaiting for another the same as yourself. Like yours, her spirit will always be.

"The Secrets of the Dead were lost, and it was most fortunate that they were. Before passing into undeath - while she slowly rotted for over a hundred years - the young woman that became the Wraith Guardian etched her thoughts and her fears into this book. It is most fortunate that you could not read them, as you may have fallen into torment in doing so." ^top

Book 6: The Poison of the Soul

"Long ago there was a race of highly intelligent, beautiful people upon a distant world called Nir. The name of these people has long since been forgotten, but their sad story has not.

"This race of people came across a beautiful and unspoiled continent. They quickly claimed it as their own, not thinking that perhaps other creatures already had made their homes there. Nonetheless, they settled.

"Soon after, a huge, magical forest with crimson-colored trees and foliage was discovered. There was a horrifying power that glowed from the forests - not a dangerous one, but one of caution - and though the people knew inside themselves that they should not advance into the forest, they did so anyway.

"In doing so, all sorts of horror erupted. They found themselves attacking innocent creatures that dwelt in those forests, and eventually the killing of these creatures become a common pastime. It was not long before an ancient and immortal mage called Sarda Ka'val made his way into the forests and cursed the race for the evil in their hearts. He dubbed them "Uranor," which means "The Poison of the Soul."

"Uranor was forever cursed, and their heritage even managed to find its way to Histeria. For their misdeeds, the few that remained in the race were warped into shadow dragons, their wickedness mirrored directly by their size. Demise, it is told, was once a handsome and brave young man of the race that became Uranor, and the Evil doomed him to the caverns atop Detriegen's Peak until the end of time." ^top

Book 7: The Lost Lands

"Ahh yes, the ruins of what was once West High School. Then you found the Ghost of Esper and the one who beguiled you to kill others so that he could have them destroyed at your expense, then destroy you. Regardless, _The Lost Lands_ is now in your possession, and that creature has been destroyed for the time being.

"There is little to be said of the Lost Lands. It is a place that is best forgotten - a place of terror and misery - and it is best to leave it at that. However, you will return again and again to that forsaken realm, as Dabi's Path must be traveled through the undermountain if you wish to flush out that power which regenerates all evil in the realm - even the evil that strengthens Rellon." ^top

Book 8: The Last Hope

"The Phantasmist was once a powerful enchanter upon the world of Norrath. Upon making her way to Histeria and into your dream, she became overcome with evil, as do all whose paths cross the will of the Evil who created the Rellon Supremacy. The Phantasmist was once called The Benevolent while upon Norrath, but those memories have all but faded as a great deal of time has passed since then.

"None of the Rellon Supremacy books are more appropriately entitled than this eighth book, _The Last Hope_. The Phantasmist was set apart to be this last hope for the Evil, but she has failed. Now, provided that you have had all of the Rellon Supremacy books interpreted, you know everything that you must in order to confront the great Evil itself." ^top


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