The Rellon Supremacy - Carly

he world in which the Rellon Supremacy is set is called Histeria.  In these lands, not everything is as it appears.  Many of the creatures you encounter, including bears and chickens, can speak, and there is even a village in which all of the citizens are of canine descent.  Magic flows freely, and travel amongst different realms and planes will eventually become a very typical part of your day. Most of Histeria you will have to explore for yourself; after all, that's where all the fun is anyway!  In the meantime, feel free to browse through the photos of some of the various lands in this unusual domain.

Incarnation, Loneliness, and the Nexus of the Two Realms
South Boardman Area | Nollerburg Area | Manistee Forest Area
The VASA Trail | The Ravan Road | The Pearl City Area | The North Lands
Frozen Wastes of Kalkaska | Dahl and the Far East | The Lost Lands
The Planes and the Nether Realm

To aid you in your Histerian adventures, I have included overworld maps of the realm.

Greater Boardman Area | Greater Nollerburg Area | The VASA Trail
The Ravan Road | The North Lands | The Far East
Kalkaska and the Void | The Planes of Time
















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