The Rellon Supremacy - Heaven's Weapons

f you desire to enter the Shadow Crypts of Interlochen, there are several requirements you must meet beforehand. They include the following:

∙ Forty levels
∙ Interlochen Key
∙ Armor of Nir (Gomrah, Lus, Feygard, Ahndel, or Reydala)

With all of these in hand, the horrible gates of Interlochen can be opened; however, if you and your companions wish to survive within, it is necessary to obtain one of Heaven's Weapons. These weapons were crafted by divine hand specifically for favored mortals to fare against the evils of the Shadow Crypts. Without Heaven's Weapons, you will not prevail.

The list below identifies the names of each of Heaven's Weapons. Speak to the Elven dark-winged creature in the ponds south of the Path of Galahad in the Manistee National Forest and, provided you've obtained the prerequisites for entering Interlochen, she will provide you with the appropriate divine weapon.

Note that certain weapons such as the Club and Light Hammer and ammo such as bolts and bullets were not crafted by the divine hand as these weapon types are either not powerful enough to warrant the effort or are very seldom chosen as weapons. Should you happen, however, to reach this point and your weapon type is not available, email the maintainer and I'm sure it'll get taken care of.


 Weapon  Name
 Bastard Sword  Heaven's Bastard
 Battleaxe  Heaven's Cleaver
 Dagger  Heaven's Mantis
 Dwarven Waraxe  Heaven's Decimator
 Greataxe  Heaven's Devastator
 Greatsword  Heaven's Foe-Bane
 Kama  Heaven's Hook
 Katana  Heaven's Sleight
 Kukri  Heaven's Keeper
 Longbow  Heaven's Doomsayer (ammo: Heaven's Hope)
 Longsword  Heaven's Reckoning
 Rapier  Heaven's Rue  
 Scimitar   Heaven's Cunning  
 Scythe   Heaven's Equalizer  
 Short Sword   Heaven's Vagrant
 Spear   Heaven's Judgment  
 Staff (Mage)    Heaven's Awareness
 Warhammer   Heaven's Cudgel

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