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s you progress in your quest to uncover the amazing mysteries that lie beyond the guise of what is called the Rellon Supremacy, you will hear more and more of a great Dwarf that was called Semli Detriegen.

Semli Detriegen was a fearless dragon slayer and retainer to the throne of his king deep within the mountains of an eastern land within the mystical Land of Ne.  His legacy continues even to this day, as he had two sons that are told to live on in Histeria.

At a young age, Semli gave in easily to wanderlust and left his homeland to seek fame and fortune.  Not long after he found his way to the Pearl City, the desire for such wealth quickly left him.  An inherent yearning forced him to seek his fame in the field of battle.  The only dwarf who was accepted into the ranks of the Army of the Rein, a human regimen in the Pearl City, many were amazed but not at all opposed to the fact that in a few short years Semli rose to the rank of general in the army of his new king.  Many lands were conquered and claimed by the Army of the Rein, and great fortune and renown were amassed by the powerful Dwarven Defender.

Though his name had become a legend even in his own time, Semli had not felt the fulfillment that he had hoped to gain from his virtue in battle.  After gaining the blessing of his king, Semli resigned from his rank in the Army of the North, banded together with him several of his most trusted followers, taking them on as companions, and began a campaign at the age of thirty-three to hunt the greatest creatures in the lands - creatures known as dragons.

In a few short years, Semli and his companions had destroyed a number of powerful dragons that had made their homes along the Pass of the Lost Dragon.  Though his companions had become overconfident due to their accomplishments, Semli was far from that.  He realized that there still remained one great dragon - a black dragon - that lived under the mountain at the northernmost point of Histeria.

Returning to the Pearl City, Semli and his band of warriors rested themselves for a full six months in preparation for the long journey ahead.  Gorging themselves and slugging ale at Pete's Pub and Grille, the great adventurers readied themselves for the dark and lengthy road that awaited them.

The travelers parted with their families and departed beyond Castleville and headed north to Semli's Fork where the final preparations were made.

After a few weeks' journey of clearing the dangerous Pass, Semli and his immortal band reached the snow-covered mountain that rested at the edge of the earth.  Making their way to its peak, they discovered a cave that was undoubtedly the one that they sought.  Resting for another night, they plotted their attack against the black dragon that awaited them inside.

Indeed, they soon found beyond tunnels of horrid and jagged rock an unearthly stairway that wrapped deep down into the deepest places of the earth.  It was already cold and eerie, the companions said to one another, and for the first time since their original campaign began, they felt fear creeping over their bodies.

Not long after the party had made its way down those strange stairs they encountered a colossal black dragon.  Quietly it waited in the shadows with an evil grin.  The fearless Semli Detriegen approached the dragon, quickly explaining to it amidst his own terrified cohorts that he had come to rid the land of its evil pestilence.  The dragon bellowed a horrifying laugh and instructed the mortals before it to prepare themselves.

This was the last that was ever heard from Semli Detriegen and his companions.  Only whispers and rumors from the winds have carried this legend to the people of the north.

A massive gravemarker was erected for Semli, despite the lack of his body, at Semli's Fork just a short journey north of the Pearl City.  He is remembered for his duties as a general in the Army of the Rein as well as for his strength and passion in the face of the countless dangers that dragon hunting entails.

It is said that the dragons that inhabit Histeria some fifty years after Semli's Fall are not as powerful as the ones prior, but this could well be myth, and there exists no one to substantiate that claim.  Regardless, the dragons who roam the lands in this the year of 2244 of the Second Day since the Fall of the Realm are and will remain some of the most deadly creatures that can be confronted.

Perhaps the downfall of such beasts will lead you to the answers you seek in your quests and journeys to unveil the answers that lie beyond the Rellon Supremacy.


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