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f you are one of the few great warrior adventurers who has accepted her Epic Weapon from the Arch-Paladin of the Shroud, you are indeed powerful.

There remains, however, one final quest to transform your weapon for the last time. If your character specializes in a bastard sword, dagger, two-bladed sword, greatsword, katana, rapier, kukri, scimitar, or a short sword, and have one or more of the respective Epic Weapons in your possession, you are eligible to carry a Lightsaber of Histeria.

There are a couple of twists to the deal, of course. First, you must have obtained the highest season in Histeria. Second, unless you are questing alongside a companion who is also seeking the Lightsaber, you must go the final battle alone.

If you are a dual-wielder, you can indeed obtain dual Lightsabers.

Return to the Past when you have been given clearance and confront the horrible Balrog of Trelei. Only in its defeat will you have the right to wield a Lightsaber of Histeria. Go now! Your destiny awaits you.

Characters who wield a Lightsaber of Histeria (last updated 1.19.07)
Freddie Mercury, Neutral Ranger/Rogue/Champion of Torm (dual Paid in Full)
Jorja Urdeth, Neutral Evil Bard/Blackguard/RDD (Resolution)


 Weapon  Previous Name  Name
 Bastard Sword   Hurting One  Ramification
 Dagger  Reign of Tears  Reign of Sorrow
 Double Sword  Passion  Goodbye to Romance
 Greatsword  Calamity  Repercussion
 Katana  Travesty  Intolerability
 Longsword  The Giver  The Taker
 Rapier  Remembrance   Resolution 
 Scimitar  Clamor   Paid in Full
 Short Sword  The Prodigal  Wayward Son
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