Manistee National Forest Area

Now that you've made your way to Nollerburg and explored the lands to the south of the town, it's time to move forward and to the east.  Of course, gate sentries protect the village, but very soon you will be on your own once again.  Enter the Manistee National Forest.

Beware of creatures with petrification gazes and death attacks while traveling east of Nollerburg.  Additionally, you will find now that creatures have decent spell resistance and will put up more of a fight than you're probably used to.  Another thing to keep in mind is that all combat areas are now Full PvP.

Shortly into the West portion of the forest you will find two bridges and a sign.  To the south is a special place for a couple of special quests - yours to discover (or check the Quests listing).  To the north is the Path of Galahad, a short trail that leads to the entrance of the Castle Anthrax.

The Castle Anthrax, as you'll quickly learn after speaking to Zoot at the entrance, is a four-floor castle built into the side of a mountain.  The floors are descending, and you will pass through much peril (it's very perilous!) on your way through the ground floor, the 'sex map,' the Corridors of the Constructs, and eventually to the Hall of the Forest Giant.  Here a powerful foe and his two hounds of death await you.  Should you wish to learn more about the purpose of the visit, speak to the drow beyond the south bridge at Cayden's Split.

North of the Fire Pits of Cayden's Split is the VASA Trailhead.  You probably won't want to advance beyond the Trailhead just yet, but Fletcher Freud, the Warden of the VASA, is willing to give you a great deal of information about the area.  To learn more about the VASA Trails, visit the VASA area page.

The further east you head from Cayden's Split, the more dangerous it becomes.  You will find, if you head north from the Manistee Forest East, Brown Bridge and the warning about the Forbidden Calms.  Continuing east from the Manistee Forest you'll locate Jellystone Park, an area set aside solely for experience and gold and one special quest item, and Manistee Lake, another leveling area with an important person to be found.  Further east you will encounter Muncie Lake and forest knights that will not allow further passage until their request is granted.  Only adventurers late in their quest will have business passing beyond the Muncie Lake Bridge and into the Sand Lakes Quiet Area, for the Camper Remnants and Firestarters of the Quiet Area are most formidable opponents.

Also look for an old man in a tree hollow.  He will prove to be of utmost importance throughout and late in your quest.

 The Ranger Freddie Mercury pauses on the
bridge leading to the Path of Galahad.


A warning sign tells adventurers that beyond this
bridge lie the fire pits of Cayden's Split.


An adventuring dwarf takes a rest in the safe
orchard at the west edge of Cayden's Split.


Temporarily stymied, Freddie stands petrified while
two Manistee Trolls and an Eastern Fire Ant attack.


Delbri Detriegen stands against the Rainbow Demon,
keeper of the entrance to the Castle Anthrax.


 The Dwarven Defender stands near the main
exit from the Castle Anthrax.


 Prurience makes a stop in the resting area of the castle,
accessible only to those with an Anthrax Master Key.


 Delbri holds his own against a few of the foul
Manistee Beholders in a hallway.


The battle continues against some wicked brass
wyrmlings and their many different sleep attacks.


 The dwarf fighter puts up a struggle against
one of the many Driders of Anthrax.


 In the Corridors of the Constructs, some Anthrax
Battle Horrors wage war on the trespasser.


Surrounded but not overwhelmed, Delbri puts up
his defensive stance against some Minogons.


 Delbri attacks some more Anthrax Minogons
while some Battle Horrors form a rear assault.


The Warden of Anthrax, a powerful greataxe
weapon master, attacks another stranger.


 The battle is on!  Delbri attempts to quickly dispatch
Evan the Supreme's shadow demon dogs.


 Boo and Shadow now vanquished, a long and
dangerous battle is waged between the lone
dwarf and the powerful Forest Giant called Evan.


Ester the Tester, hidden away along the far edges
of the Elther Ponds, exists only to serve those who are
in need of deleveling to 'fix' their characters.


Delbri Detriegen battles some Vampires of Manistee
Lake and a Lake Stirge on his way through
Jellystone Park south of the Manistee Forest.


Part of a quest that grants the Salvation amulet,
Borbag stands near the aberration called Vrelel, who
you can learn about from Gracie Rellon.


 Lake Stirges, Vampires of Manistee, and some
Yogi Bears form a full frontal assault near Roger
the Shrubber's place in Manistee Lake.


 Before the merchants of Nollerburg will assist you,
you will need to speak with a frightened little girl and
return her cat to her (as best you can).


You may have passed beyond the Tree Hollow a dozen
times and not even realized it, but later in your journeys
you will pay a few visits to the old man within.


 Jeff the Rogue, nestled safely back in a corner in
the forbidden calms, will sell fellow rogues a special
item that will help them on their way.


 Having dispatched two Stingers of the Calms, a
half-orc Barbarian stands up against an assault from
a few Slaads of the Calms.


Several bodies, surrounded by flies, lie in the open
among the grass of the Forsaken Grove. Perhaps your
first Glowing Stone quest lead has reared its head?


 Ayn Rand, a strange old gnome woman who lives in
the Forsaken Grove, is one of two vendors in Histeria
who sell the Breath of the Earth.


 The Sand Lakes Quiet Area - until your thirties,
you will have little use for advancing beyond the
campers and to the bridge beyond.


Close this window when finished.

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