Nollerburg Area

Beyond the Boardman Caves and the deadly Seven Fall Wood is the well-protected village of Nollerburg.  Nearly central to the world of Histeria, many of your journies will begin by stocking up on supplies and grouping up here.

Much larger than South Boardman with a far greater supply of weapons, armor, accessories, and quests, Nollerburg extends out in every direction except the north (you may discover more about the north later in your journies).  To the west is the Seven Fall Wood where deadly spiders, vipers, and faerie dragons await you.  South lies the Seven Fall Gorges, Log Lake, the Staypuft Marsh, County Road 612, and much more, including your first Histerian dungeon experience, Ca'var Ruval.  Heading east you'll find the Manistee National Forest and what lies beyond.


 Freddie Mercury spends some time hanging out
with the grumpy Gate Sentries of Nollerburg.


 Nuath's smith shop, where all of the finest armor
and weapons in the East may be purchased.


 Cali's Cottons, the mage shop in Nollerburg, can
be seen here with the bank in the distance.


Jack Drake, a Dwarven Defender, catches up with
his friend Freddie in front of Nuath's Armory.


Joe the Bartender checks on his patrons
at Mackinaw Brewing Company.


Martin Scorsese and Nicolas Cage dine in the back-
ground while Jessa checks on her tables.


 Just south of the town square can be found
St. Helen of the Blessed Shroud church.


 Freddie Mercury pauses across the river from
the Rellon Estate, one of James Rellon's homes.


 The lone Ranger takes a load off and overlooks
Nollerburg at Graham Chapman Memorial Park.


 Borbag the Spastic waits for his companion to
finish buffing in the dangerous Seven Fall Wood.


 DM Prurience stands near the edge of the seventh
waterfall in the Seven Fall Gorges.


 Vy'dora Vespertyne stops near the entrance to
Seven Fall Lodge after a nasty fight.


 Coming out of the Seven Fall Caverns, Borbag and
Jack O'Lantern pause before moving forward again.


 An adventurer displays the camping
area at Log Lake.


A group of Eastern Fire Ants and Log Lake Zombies
bar the bridge leading beyond Cayden's Split.


 The ranger continues his struggle against some
Manistee Trolls along County Road 612.


 Freddie wages war against some kitties and
zombies at the Dorena Drive subdivision.


Vy'dora Vespertyne fights some Marsh Bitches
and Hanrahans of the Staypuft Marsh.


 Nearing the entrance to the dungeon of Ca'var
Ruval, Vy'dora absorbs some missile storms.


Vy'dora Vespertine stands at the entrance to the
second floor of Ca'var Ruval.


 Some Ruvalian Werecats and Shadows of Ruval
block the path leading toward the inner sanctum.


 The heat can really kick up in certain areas
of the mystical dungeon of the marshes.


 Vy'dora prepares to move deeper
into Ca'var Ruval.


 Alone and overwhelmed, the undead lord
wages war against Ca'var Ruval herself.


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