The VASA Trails

Just east and then north of Nollerburg through the Manistee Forest and Cayden's Split you will find the VASA Trailhead.  Within is the famed Warden of the VASA, the immortal Fletcher Freud.  Accompanied only by his pet raven, Lenore, Freud will give you intricate details regarding not only the VASA Trails, but also the Ravan Roads and some information concerning the Pearl City.  Both trails, along with the Ravan Roads, can only be accessed by passing through the Trailhead.

As you will learn from the Warden, the VASA Trails heading West are called the Paths of Severian. These paths will head through a heavily wooded area in which defenders of the liberal persuasion will fight to protect what they feel they must. Eventually a red canyon will be reached, and then a series of bridges upon which a guardian awaits you. Next you will traverse the Mackinac Bridge, which is a long suspension bridge guarded by undead minions, treehugging monks, and the like. Beyond the bridge is a cave that will lead you into the frigid Upper Peninsula, a vast and sometimes confusing realm infested with undead, giants, lantern archons, and hidden caves. The second Rellon Wraith - the one who holds The Thread of Life, can be found in the region called Tequahmenon Falls.

The Trail heading East is better known as Ani'wien's Path. This East Path, more treacherous and dangerous than the Paths of Severian, is home to winding trails and more powerful woodland creatures. There are also a few different areas that might be discovered accidentally - look for a strange camp and even a missing dog - while you head east. A guardian blocks your path into the Rutherford Mines. The mines are home to some humanoid rogues and sorcerers, as well as Beholders of Rutherford and some others. Pass through the caves to find the Sleeping Bear Gorges. Look for three objects of interest - an oasis, a tower, and a descending stairwell.

Beyond the dunes, you will hear, will be found the forgotten crypts of the Empire of the Sleeping Bear.  Deep within the rotting catacombs, the Rellon Wraith who holds the book Tales From the Crypt, waits to be released. The famous Shadowdancer of the East awaits you with his sabre of acid.

Both of these paths must be taken and the respective tasks completed if you wish to solve the mysteries of the Rellon Supremacy and make your way back to your native realm.

 Freddie Mercury pays his respects to the Warden of
the VASA, Fletcher Freud. Freud is very knowledgeable
regarding the realm and is willing to share what he knows.


The mighty Vodalus naps for a bit in a comfy chair at
the resting area of the VASA Trailhead. The realms
nearby the VASA Warden are very safe.


Vodalus lays waste to some of the Misinformed
Anti-Hunters of the Paths of Severian as he prepares
to face the evil awaiting him to the East.


 Some of the polymorphing Angry Girl Scouts of
the West Trail assault their attacker to no avail.


Nearing the edge of Severian's Canyon, the lone
destroyer pauses for a moment to rest.


Borbag the Spastic and Jakkal O'Drake battle a
Madeleine Albright of the Mackinac Bridge.


 Borbag and Jakkal pause before moving forward
to the frigid Upper Peninsula.


The only suitable resting place in the Upper Penin-
sula, the warrior cools his heels in the Ignace Cave.


Some Yooper Bugbears (not trolls) and Hounds of
Ishpeming gang up on Vodalus in the dark.


 Beyond a hidden cave in the northwestern Upper
Peninsula lies the remains of Marquette.


 O'Drake and Borbag struggle against one of the
many Escanaban Mummy Lords of the U.P.


The Warming Shelter at the VASA Trailhead provides
warmth and a Remembrance Stone.


 Some VASA Orcs and Forest Araneas make their
last stands along Ani'wien's Path.


 Vodalus mows through some VASA Orc Warriors
on one of the bridges on the East Trail path.


 No passage to the Rutherford Mines is allowed until
the Desert Guardian of Rellon is decimated.


 Vodalus takes a minute for a picture of the
desolate caves called Rutherford Mines.


 The lone warrior makes a stand against the nasty
Sleeping Bears of the desert area.


 The Tower of Abu Ghraib - an ascending labyrinth
to which you will eventually pay a visit.


 Don Quixote, a traveling merchant, coincident-
ally makes an appearance at the Qualen Oasis.


 The legendary Kira Krowe sighs deeply as she finds
herself alone again in the Sleeping Bear Gorges.


Teamed up with the mighty Bard Palaru Tarenthar,
Kira delves into the depths of the crypts.


 Palaru and Kira pause near one of the stairwells
in the Empire of the Sleeping Bear crypts.


Having made their way into the Forbidden Tomb of
O'Brien, Kira and Palaru pose formidably.


Some tortured spirits under the command of the
Revenant plead you to release them from their bond.


Close this window when finished.

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