The Lost Lands

The path that heads north beyond the Bridge of Death leads to what is known as the Lost Lands. Here, of course, the creatures are very strong, and a baleful sense of frustration and despondency looms over the heads of all who travel the path. There are few secrets lurking in the veleswood shadows - but your mission is clear. You must find and enter the Ruins of West High School and uncover the mysteries hidden in the seventh book in the Rellon Supremacy series.

Also native to this realm is the undermountain domain of Dahl beyond Dabi's Path, a dark an ominous place inhabited by intelligent and very powerful evil dwarves. Heading further along will take the strongest of adventurers to the Paths of the Fallen and ultimately the Fallen Paths. Hidden in the vast clearing is a subterranean portal cloaked in death and shadow - the only available entrance point to the fabled Shadow Crypts of Interlochen.

As your intuition suggests, there is more to the story than meets the eye. Denial, treachery, and deceit line the walls of the Ruins ... and there is much to be avoided. Traverse the insidious mazes of the Ruins after speaking with the Ghost of Esper and find what truly lies beneath.

The Zen Philosopher Basho, a powerful Monk, battles
the Elendehn and Death Rothes of the Lost Lands.


Basho stands near the Remembrance Stone of the Damned,
one of the few nearby safe havens.


A Verde Wyvern defends its rightful territory while some
wyrmlings chime in on the action.


A deadly struggle ensues against the Spiders of
Wilting in the treacherous Charlotte's Web.


Safe within the walls of the Ruins of West High School,
The Zen Philosopher Basho takes a breather.


Two Thurvian Weapon Masters and a Priest struggle
against the deadly kamas the monk wields.


The Ghost of Esper, resident of the broken library,
sets her deadly eyes on a stranger.


Basho visits one of the classrooms left behind
on the second floor of the North Wing.


Heartless Angels defend a boiler room in the North
Wing of the Ruins of West High School.


His concealment serving him well, Basho finds the
gateway to Vodalus after a confusing maze.


Vodalus unleashes his fury with his greatsword
against the Zen Philosopher Basho.


Muszh summons forth a Black Blade of Disaster while
the monk cleric prepares his assault in the South Wing.



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