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anderers, in their own words, will oftentimes keep journals of their adventures when traversing foreign lands. Others still will, in their elder days, light a pipe, dip a quill, and commit their memories to parchment. Regardless of how these illustrious fables might be kept or for what reasons, it is with great pleasure that I am able to claim the honor of posting the memoirs of one particular group of travelers that made their way through the realm of Histeria in the early Autumn of 2244. While the journeys lasted far longer than a single season, I dare not steal away from the thoughts and recollections of those who adventured the lands themselves.

These are the individual accounts of Solbri Detriegen, a Dwarven defender of lofty heritage; Jorja Urdeth, a woman reared under the talons of a deadly red dragon who now seeks vengeance via the knowledge of her foe; and a dark-robed mage known only as Rubicks, whose soul is host to an undying plague of inner turmoil and suffering.  Later joining forces with Torlu'vil nea Toronado, a plane-touched Avariel who seeks passage home to the Lofty Planes to be reunited with his love, the companions find themselves together in the strange dream, realizing that not only will they be obligated to join forces and gift great trust if they are to survive, but that fortune has found them well; their skills and abilities, though insufficient individually, present a great strength when combined.

Here is the account of Solbri Detriegen as it has been recovered. You will need the Benegraphic, Papyrus, and Chiller fonts to read the parchments. Click here to download.

NOTE: The Tales are being redeveloped to include the Fall '09 - Summer '10 campaign. Please check for these in the Fall/Winter of 2010.








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