South Boardman Area

South Boardman is the first village you will encounter - in fact, you will do so before even running past any hostile creatures.  Here you will find everything you need to begin your adventure.  In the town you'll find a drug store that deals in potions and healing herbs; Nolff's Smithy Shop, providing all sorts of weapons and armor; the Yankee Boy general store for your miscellaneous needs; even the TBA Credit Union to help you manage your finances.

When in South Boardman, be sure to locate the Sopher near the graveyard.  It will provide you with a map to South Boardman so that you may henceforth return to the village via translocation from the Nexus of the Two Realms.

Heading south of town you'll find the Boardman Knoll and eventually the Dammitall Meadow.  You will begin hearing about the strange work at hand in the realm.  If you are to head east of the village, you'll find Ranch Rudolf and the old Supply Road system.  Not far beyond you will encounter the Boardman Caves.  What lies beyond the caves is up for you to discover ...

Four new adventurers prepare to set south to the Boardman
Knoll, the first area of adventure in the lands of Histeria.


A powerful force in Histeria, Freddie Mercury pays
his respects to the memory of Russell Lloyd.


Borbag the Spastic waits for a companion to shop
while he rests at Russell Lloyd Memorial Park.


 A half-orc barbarian stands in front of the
Boardman Area Public Library.


 A traveler stops near the entrance of South
Boardman's Victory Baptist Church.


 The edge of the great Western Wall, where the Maiden
of Zar awaits the completion of your first quest.


Jack O'Lantern and Borbag the Spastic regroup
near Breanne's Cottage at Ranch Rudolf.


A shopper displays South Boardman's
Smithy and Apparel Shop, E.K. Nolff's.


 Interested in learning more about the lands of
Histeria? Visit the Public Library.


 A night traveler takes a break near the farm
in the Boardman Knoll's Northern Plain.


Vanil'a von Wa'fer, an Arcane Archer, stands near
the rock obstruction on Supply Road.


A kukri specialist battles some Lake Grigs of
Kettle Lake for an early gold quest.


In the Western Forest, look for a patch of Western
Blueberry bushes that will speed you on your way.


A group of Baumann Mohrgs and Mages of Baumann
defend a mass grave in the Temple of Baumann.


The Ghost of Baumann launches an assault on a traveler
brave enough to confront him alone.


Two Glade Goblin Champions and two Evokers
protect the waterfall region of Scheck's Glade.


Some Original Recipes and Minnesota Timberwolves
await a challenge on old Supply Road.


An integral part of the Ring of Rhubarb quest, Walt Sbrensy
awaits a traveler who might find his hidden cottage.


 Jack and Borbag prepare to head further south
after a rest at Trapper John's outpost.


 A rogue archer stands near a transition in the
desolate Boardman Caves.


Two travelers battle a Wasabi Preserver
in the Boardman Caves' Causeway.


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