The Ravan Roads

After adventurers in Histeria achieve their twentieth seasons, many begin to wonder what lies to the north of the Manistee National Forest.  After speaking with the Warden of the VASA, Fletcher Freud, you will find that there is a great city far to the North.  As you should know by this point, heading west from the Trailhead leads to the Paths of Severian, over the Mackinac Bridge, and eventually through the Upper Peninsula and to Tahquamenon Falls.  Heading east will take you down Ani'wien's Path, to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, and ultimately to the Crypts of the Empire of the Sleeping Bear.  Have you headed North yet?

Passing through Kenethor Wood, you will soon find a stretch of the Imperial Highway.  As Fletcher Freud has warned you, only merchants may utilize the King's Highway.  Any others who attempt to make their way to the Pearl City will be attacked by legionnaires.  Only by passing through Kenethor Wood and sneaking across the Highway may the Ravan Roads be accessed.

As you make your way into Chiara's Cove, depending on which portion of the highway you cut across, you will find yourself on one of two roads.  To the east is the Lower Ravan Road, a longer yet less challenging pass that will reach the Pearl City via a wall breach.  The Lower Road also passes through the Henson Refugee Camp, which will be of use at a later time. Travelers who opt to traverse the Lower Ravan Road will pass beyond Huron River Rats, pixies and grigs, harpies, and other such creatures before finding the Path of the Mad Cat, the Lower Road Cliffs and The Drop. Look for a wall breach to enter the Pearl City.

To the west is the Ravan Road, also known as the High Road, where more dangerous creatures and more plentiful treasure await brave travelers. Beyond Riddick's Bed and Breakfast you will find Nightroar's Demise before coming upon the horrible Forest of Korrah. Within the Forest is the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, which you'll need to enter before making much sense out of the canine village to the West. At the fork beyond the Kingdom Hall, the road west will take you beyond the nasty Roads of Waning to the village of Buckley and eventually to the Mayfield Public Library, wherein the Fourth Wraith of Rellon waits to award you with The Wind of Change. Heading north from the Kingdom Hall split will place you deeper into the Forest of Korrah, eventually leading you to Cheboygan and the hidden Ravan Tunnel. If you are able to survive all of these things, a breach will lead you into a safe stretch of Imperial Highway west of the Pearl City.

While both roads can be treacherous and only twentieth season veterans should attempt a trip to the Pearl City, it is strongly advised that only twenty-fifth level adventurers with a companion or two attempt to traverse the Forest of Korrah. The Jehovah's Witnesses, Dust, and the Visages further north will make short work of an unprepared traveler, and the experience can be most frustrating as the nearest Remembrance Stones are in Buckley and Riddick's Bed and Breakfast.

Both roads lead to the Pearl City, and both must be taken eventually. Which will you choose first?


 Ultra-powerful axemen guard the Imperial Highway,
allowing only Merchants to pass. You will be forced to
sneak past them unnoticed to reach the Ravan Roads.


Docile creatures of the Kenethor Wood, the Wood Deer
that call the south splits of the Ravan Road home bask
in the protection of the VASA Warden, Fletcher Freud.


 Chiara's Cove, the Ravan Road split, is quieter at
twilight than at night. Borbag the Spastic battles
High Road Wemics and Hill Giants to advance.


 Three citizens of Buckley stand outside of the
village's only general store, the Seven Eleven.


The Sopher of Buckley. Sophers are found near
graveyards and give maps that allow for future returns.


Four adventurers take a load off near the Altar of
Healing at Buckley's Acushla Bed & Breakfast.


Freddie and Hennesy battle against some nasties in
Mayfield just outside the Public Library.


A Mayfield Erinyes drops a Fire Storm down
on her opponent just before her demise finds her.


 The adventurers have little choice but to wait for a
bit while being held by Bigby's Clenched Fist.



Borbag the Spastic fights his way past some of the
Jaguar XJSes of the Lower Road's Path of the Mad Cat.


A battle ensues against some of the Ravan Cyclopses
and one of the Cougar Long Cuts.


    A few Ravan Hive Ants put up a struggle along
the Lower Ravan Road's Cliffs.


The north entrance to the Henson Refugee Camp along the
Lower Ravan Road is heavily protected by a number of
guards trained to kill with tridents and powerful bows.


One of the two most important refugees is Kate Henson,
who, when provided with the proper items, will greatly
speed you along the final steps of your quest.


Also known as the Ravan Guardian of Rellon, the Derbu
puts up a very decent struggle. Defeat it to win a Ravan
Frost Ring and some other goodies.


 Near the south edge of the High Road lies the Korrah
Memorial Cemetery. The battles therein will give you a
taste of the nasties of the Forest of Korrah.


Within the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, three
of the very slow but hard-hitting creatures called
Dust await a traveler brave enough to take the test.


 The Jehovah's Witness High Priest is a strong cleric
who is keeping a citizen of Buckley hostage. Defeat the
Priest to release the hostage and win a great favor.


 Wizards and Warriors patrol the wet and unusually dark
Road of Waning that leads from the southern Forest of
Korrah to the canine village of Buckley.


Invisibility is not a bad idea when traveling through the
Mayfield Public Library, where medusa-like Druoses and
Mayfield Bugbears wait with scythes and greatswords.


 The spirit of a former librarian patrols the
final floor of the Public Library, completely
oblivious to the goings-on around her.


 The master of the Mayfield Public Library, the staunch
Dwarven Defender Tiesworthless also protects the fourth
Rellon Wraith, the one who holds The Wind of Change.


Returning to Buckley from the library, Borbag the Spastic
is confronted by some horrifying Vorlan Demons
and their brutal Death Attacks.


 Along the northern reaches of the Forest of Korrah,
the Half-Orc adventurer locates a fallen corpse. Surely,
he realizes, it is of great importance and must be noted.


 Not far from the Korrah Glen, the scythe Weapon Master
combats some of the Ravan Frost Giants and two of the
Horrid Wilting-casting Visage sorcerers.


Borbag opts to make a run from the Frost Giants and
Ravan Tree Crabs of the Cheboygan area as he makes
his way further north toward the Pearl City.


 Gummed up in close quarters, the warrior fends off
more of the Ravan Tree Crabs as he attempts to reach
the Visages hiding behind them.


Close this window when finished.

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