The Past, the Future, and the Void

As you may have read at the Boardman Area Public Library, a separate realm exists for adventurers that have achieved their thirtieth seasons and beyond. Upon speaking with the Behrved'aht of Sentience, you will be able to access the Nether Realm.

The Nether Realm is a safe place with three Gateways guarded by three Keepers.  From here the three Planes can be accessed.

Your first option will be to enter the Past.  Here you will find a non-hostile environment and a village called Trelei.  Not much will make sense initially, but you'll soon learn that a riddle is being formed.  If you are able to help form the riddle, you will eventually obtain a very special item called the Orb of Trelei.  Not only will this Orb be of utmost importance soon, but its acquisition is mandatory for your accessing the other two Planes.

The Plane of the Future exists for two reasons: one is for an object necessary to complete your Epic weapon quest while the other is for the most powerful amulet available in Histeria.  The Future is a very hostile environment; however, the areas are almost identical to the Past, so you won't have to learn much of the maps.

The third and final Plane, called the Void, is a very dark and murky environment with ultra-powerful creatures.  Some of the creatures you might encounter - if you are unfortunate enough - cannot be destroyed, nor can they be evaded for long.  The Nexus Mirror will not serve you as you will be unable to see your reflection in it. The Void exists only as an integral part of your Epic weapon quest. Very strong and brave travelers might use the Void to achieve their final few levels of experience.

If you wish to be released from the ominous lands of Histeria, all three Planes must be entered and their secrets exposed.

 The legendary Pale Master Kira Krowe stands
on the bridge leading to the Keepers.


 Freddie Mercury, scourge of the Planes, stands
before the Keeper of the Void.


The Village of Trelei - a calm and pleasant - yet
odd - village that can be found in the Past.


 Another picture of the Champion of Torm
in the Past's village of Trelei.


Just east of town, the mysterious palm tree is one of
three objects that will help you form the riddle.


Freddie stands near the tree hollow next to the gap.
Perhaps in the future a bridge will be here.


 The tracks in the cavern lead to a creature that
will help you complete the riddle quest.


 The cave between the waterfalls that leads
to the cavern of Lester the Tester.


The hidden cave in the Future, where the second item
in your Epic weapon quest may be obtained.


 A hidden ramp will allow an adventurer to find the
Future's hidden cave without an untimely demise.


Freddie Mercury uses his ranger abilities to combat
the horrible constructs of the Future.


 The Orb of Trelei proves most useful in avoiding
the nastier creatures of the Future.


 The tree hollow which was a dead end in the Past
now hosts a bridge that spans the former gap.


 The Ghost of Scooby Doo, once a friendly creature,
now must be passed by unseen or you will die.


A battle ensues in the red fog caverns of the Future
as the lone warrior makes his way to the end.


 Freddie pauses along the paths of the Future
before making his way into Jurahi's Keep.


The ethereal Paladin/Blackguard Jurahi, the keeper
of the coveted amulet known as The Promise.


 The entrance of the third and most lethal of the
Planes, the Void, is seen here.


Freddie battles the Buttowls of the Void while a
Myconid Berserker wreaks havoc from the rear.


 Without a Light item or spell, the maps of the Void
can be most difficult to endure.


While some underwater creatures attack, Freddie
focuses his assault on a lone Myconid Berserker.


 One of many unclear staircases that are found
all over the Void.


DM Prurience displays a Hunter of the Void - an
ultra-powerful and immortal protector of its realm. 


At long last the Lorem Tree has been located, allowing
Freddie to become closer to finishing his Epic quest.


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