Pearl City Area

The greatest remaining city in Histeria since the Fall of the Realm is known as the Pearl City.  A large and diverse place, the selection of any sort of armor or other type of gear will keep you shopping for hours on end.  Now that you've managed to make your way to the great city of the North via the Ravan Road(s), you can better equip yourself with more powerful weapons and equipment.  However, realize that eventually you must go north beyond the village of Castleville and to Semli's Fork, choosing a path for yourself and your companions.

Up north, the lands are frigid and frozen, and the creatures that dwell in such places are fierce and evil.  You will take notice of two main pathways when you reach the edge of the Fork.  One, leading north, is called the Pass of the Lost Dragon.  As rumors from the pubs and bars in Castleville have suggested, there are mighty dragons that have made their homes in caves and mountains along the Pass.  Many of these creatures play a part in the quests for Epic Weapons, but they are also amongst the most powerful of all creatures in Histeria.  You and your companions must be strong to trifle with them or you will not survive.

The second path, heading west, is called the Path of the Phantasmist.  If you've been listening carefully as you've traveled the lands, you will have learned about an ancient enchanter that has made its home far to the northwest.  The Path of the Phantasmist is a particularly dangerous road, splitting up and breaking off in different parts.  Here you will also discover the Jam Wasteland and Camilla Cemetery. Beyond both of these areas lie even more danger and despair.

Though these roads will not be the last you will traverse, you will return to the Far North before the end.

 An adventurer, having made his way beyond the Ravan
Road and Tunnel, stands near the Pearl City's South Gate.


 Freddie Mercury, armed with his upgraded Epic Scimitars,
stands near the grass path pool at the city's north edge.


Two chat for a bit about which quest they should
choose at the Unemployment Office.


 The West portion of the Imperial Highway as
well as the boat launch and dock are shown here.


Borbag the Spastic stops to flirt with the Pluzinski
sisters, crafters of fine jewelry at Federico's.


 Some frost wolves pace calmly back and forth
between buildings in Castleville.


Making a deal with one of the three melee
weapons vendors at the Twin Pines Mall.


James Rellon's pet, Sunny, shows a scowl of warning
at the stranger in her home in Castleville.


Prurience takes a break in the lobby
centered inside the Twin Pines Mall.


Vodalus stands between two White Sister Sentries at
the Pearl City entrance in the village of Castleville.


Pru takes a seat in the lounge area at Barak's
Armory, where three vendors await.


The Remembrance Stone of Castleville. Remembrance
Stones represent objects to which you may bind your soul.


Borbag the Spastic shows the wall breach coming in from
the Lower Ravan Road, allowing entry to the Pearl City.


Another wall breach awaits brave travelers along
the West Imperial Highway, south of the city.


The Scenic Knoll, home to the Sopher of Pearls, hosts
more than your intuition might suggest.


Only by completing a portion of the Abner's Wish quest
will you be allowed to pass beyond the Imperial Sentries.


Disguised as an Imperial Merchant, Borbag makes his
way into the Merchants' Quarters south of the city.


The castle of the ruler of the Pearl City is very well
guarded by Pearl Path Sentries and Captains.


The Baron of Henion, ruler of the city, stands to greet
travelers who might come his way to serve his interests.


Much of the Abner's Wish quest revolves around a
Castleville native named Thru'lia De'veneaux.


Margaret Weis, who owns a shop in Castleville, specializes
strictly in equipping warriors for dragon confrontations.


There are two ways to access the sewers beneath the
Pearl City - you must find one of them.


Nelson Gelinas, who claims to have been run out of his home
by the Nierbo Tribe, holds the key to the Tower of High Sorcery.


A half-orc visits Miranda Wrights and Amanda Shank, the
two bankers at Northwestern Savings and Loan.


Once the key to the Tower of High Sorcery is obtained,
a high level mage may attempt to ascend it.


The final of several powerful foes, the Darkener of Conscience
will indeed put up a struggle before you may advance.


A powerful item available only to the greatest of mages will
be awarded by Belgarath - if you can reach him.


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