Incarnation, Loneliness, and The Nexus of the Two Realms

In the lands of Histeria there exist a number of parallel planes that can be accessed at certain times.  The starting location, called Incarnation, is where you will first learn of your presence and your purpose in this new place.  Here Eternity, the timeless protector of the realm, will answer any questions that you might have should you wish to speak with her.  She will also award you with two mirrors - one that allows her to remember you in the future, and one that allows you to access the Nexus of the Two Realms at virtually any time.

Your first step beyond Incarnation will lead you to a Lonely Place in which you will receive starting gold pieces and enough experience points to reach your seventh level.  After that, your journey begins ...

The Nexus of the Two Realms, known in-game as 'the Nexus,' serves as a safe location for adventurers that need to retreat from an overwhelming mob.  Its main function, however, is that of a translocation system.  Based on undroppable items that you will acquire as you explore the lands, your options will change and grow.  The Behrved'aht of Sentience, the eternal and immortal entity that awaits you at the Nexus along with three others, will be willing to translocate you to the area of your choice.  Once all of the special items are obtained, you will have many options when speaking to the Behrved'aht; in fact, when all of the items are possessed, you may be sent within reasonable walking distance of virtually any area in this massive world.

The Nether Realm is yet another plane that may only be accessed when you have achieved your thirtieth season in Histeria.  Even at that point, an adventurer may not yet advance to one of three planes, but you are able to speak with the Keepers that prevent weaker creatures from entering these dangerous areas.  There are three additional planes that may be reached depending on your character's level: The Past, The Future, and The Void. Consult the Planes page for more information.

These planes will be some of the last places that you will visit; only one additional plane exists, and only those who have achieved forty seasons in Histeria may advance to those shadow crypts.  A true adventurer, accompanied by others of her level, will eventually find this shadow plane beyond the Fallen Lands.  It is a horrid place that is inaccessible to the Nexus of the Two Realms.  Your Nexus Mirror will not serve you in that place, and only the very strongest and bravest of adventurers, with their strongest friends, will prevail against the Master of the Realm.


 Incarnation - where Eternity awaits your call.


The staircase leading into the lands of Histeria.


Loneliness, the place where you first find yourself.



 On the bridge leading to the Behrved'aht.


A distant view of the bridge.


The Behrved'aht of Sentience.



 A new adventurer stands to see the Watcher.

Where I Found Myself - welcome to Histeria.

A mighty dragon gives a warning to a traveler near
the entrance to the Plane of Ubiquitous Shadow.


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