The Frozen Wastes of Kalkaska

You may find it interesting after achieving your thirtieth season in Histeria that you are forced to return back from whence you came.  Heading west from South Boardman, you'll locate the area known as Where I Found Myself.  Finding a crevice in the mighty Western Wall, you'll make your way back to the cave protected by a waterfall.  There you will also spot a mighty Blue Blazer - fortunately for you, this one is willing to give you advice and warn you of the trials to come.

Once you enter the cave behind the waterfall, you'll find yourself in the Plane of Ubiquitous Shadow.  You'll receive your last warning here.

Now that you've decided to pass through the plane of shadow, it's time to realize where you are.  You've jumped into the past and into the remains of an area once called Kalkaska.  You can sense dragons and other terrifying creatures, and your Nexus Mirror will do you no good here.  Additionally, you'll find yourself unable to rest.

Fortunately, you'll find a bomb shelter immediately in and bind your soul safely (should you choose to do so).  Beyond this point, be on the lookout for frigid caves where you might be able to find rest.

You will locate a split not long after being translocated to the frozen wastes. One road heads through the Blueahn Maze, through the Village of Kalkaska, and eventually to a dead-end turf house, wherein awaits the wraith of a once great warrior. The other road leads deeper into the Wastes and ultimately to the ruins of an old pizzeria. More than one trip will be made to the Frozen Wastes of Kalkaska before all is said and done. The unmistakable stench of old death lingers in the air, and gets stronger as you advance through the frozen wastes.  Be prepared for a mighty creature that holds yet another integral part of the unlocking of the Rellon Supremacy - the fifth book known as The Secrets of the Dead.

 The mighty blue dragon that waits for you outside
of the Plane of Ubiquitous Shadow gives warning.


A Blue Blazer Wyrmling presents your final warning before
translocation to the Frozen Wastes of Kalkaska.


 Frigid caves such as this are the only areas in which
a weary Kalkaskian traveler might find rest.


Vodalus stands amongst the pillars near the Bomb
Shelter after being sent back to Kalkaska.


A band of warriors rest for a moment on their
voyage through the ominous Blueahn Maze.


Hennesy the Half-Noble strikes with his deadly Sneak
Attacks while Freddie keeps the Blue Blazer at bay.


 A half-orc champion prepares to speak to the Grave-
keeper of Kalkaska, an entity that is prepared to help.


The forgotten village of Kalkaska is desolate and dark,
but beware the baddies that still roam the town.


The Elven Ghost, who inhabits the house near Rugg Pond,
provides the completion for one of your final quests.


 Fallon, a ghost girl, is willing to help you should you
be willing to exchange a favor.


Beyond the Village of Kalkaska is a lonely turf house.
You must destroy the Guardian of Nayr to access it.


Nayr Draw, a Kalkaskian native, lived out the remainder of
his days here. A friend erected a monument in his honor.


 A lone adventurer makes his way through the Wastes
and into the remains of the Twin Birch Golf Course.


Unfortunately for Vodalus, his attempt to run past the
Death Pheasants' petrification attacks proved to be folly.


Vodalus teams up with Hennesy the Half-Noble at G's
Pizzeria and Deli, where the Sixth Rellon Wraith awaits.


Vodalus holds off the powerful Wraith Guardian of
Rellon while Hennesy takes a break for healing.


Back to full strength, Hennesy is frustrated to see that
the Wraith is indeed immune to his deadly sneaks.


Victorious over the Wraith Guardian, Hennesy and
Vodalus prepare to open the Wraith Altar in the corner.


Close this window when finished.

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