The Far East and the Paths of the Fallen

North of the Bridge of Death, the Far East awaits you. Beyond is the dubious undermountain of Dahl and the village of the wicked dwarves therein. You will be forced to pass unnoticed beyond the gate sentries and the commoners as you make your way through the village and to the Shrine to Sala and the Temple of Doom. Within the Shrine is the Dahl Evoker, who you must seek out. Within the Temple of Doom awaits the Weapon Master of Dahl, who guards a Shadow Altar with his life.

Beyond Dahl are the ominous Paths of the Fallen, a system of caverns riddled with despair and peril. Beyond the Paths lie a pure land and a great tower that leads beyond the Nether Realm and into the abysmal Shadow Crypts of Interlochen. Only the bravest and most powerful of adventurers, grouped with others of their caliber, will be able to ascend to the shadow crypts of the ethereal realm and overcome the evil that lies within. Beyond Dahl and to the Far East, the lands and magical beasts exist outside of the dream of the Rellon Supremacy and are not required for your final confrontation. Only those who possess a true sense of discipline and can call a True Warrior's heart their own will succeed beyond the Paths of the Fallen. If you and your companions are to prevail, a series of weapons set aside must be obtained.

Are you up for the greatest challenges that the lands of Histeria have to offer?

East of the Bridge of Death lies the misty realm called
Dabi's Path. Dahl's Undermountain awaits you.


Defenders of Dahl, Dahl Rogues, Priestesses, and other
of their kind await any who wish to traverse the paths.


Hard to spot and very deadly, the Sentries of Dahl
must be avoided at all costs.


When you have become strong enough, you may
return to Dahl by way of a special item.


The Evoker of Dahl holds an integral part of your quest
and must be eventually confronted.


Lead DM Prurience displays the entrance to the Temple
of Doom, home of the Weapon Master of Dahl.



One of the four Dahl High Priestesses guard the way to
the Temple of Doom's inner sanctum.



A greatsword specialist with Devastating Critical
abilities, the Weapon Master of Dahl fears nothing.



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